“My God vs My Enemies” – The Man Behind the Message

downloadMr. Ladun Thompson is an intelligent, driven, & God -fearing man who is on a mission to accomplish most, if not all of his lifelong dreams. He began chasing his dreams by investing his time, energy & talents into his love for acting and the performing arts. Being sporadically showcased on the Discovery ID Channel and in numerous plays such as “A Raisin in the Sun,” he is on a mission to “create film projects that are utterly life changing,” but that’s not all.

While venturing down his road toward success, Ladun knew that it would take not only his faith in God to get there, but the necessary grinding, hustling, and creativity as well. While auditioning for television shows and plays, in true entrepreneurial spirit, Ladun started not one, but two businesses: a photography business and his own entertainment company, Mr. Thompson Entertainment, where he curated, hosted & promoted afterwork networking socials and parties. To help him fulfill his goals, he continued to network and work with the right people which ultimately led him to meet and work with his friend, well known NYC On- air Disc Jockey, DJ Envy from Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club. After the creation of his apparel brand with a purpose and deep message entitled Body of God, Ladun partnered with DJ Envy since he realized that he was “one of the first people in the industry to truly support the brand.” The type of organic friendship they already shared, made the decision to partner with Envy an obvious one. 



Almost two years ago, Ladun launched the brand with the now viral, “My God vs My Enemies” clothing line which according to Ladun, is intended to “inspire the world with faith and love.” It has received some celebrity attention from well- known names such as H.E.R., Neyo, Tami Roman, and Sean “Diddy” Combs, to name a few (see below).



” I started this mission to keep God in the conversation today. The way society is set up now, it’s so hard to talk about that without being politically correct.”

– Ladun Thompson

Ladun states that the inspiration behind Body of God, came from a yearning to create a scenario where people can walk around both free and proud with this powerful message on their clothes that boldly professes, that ‘I’m fearless because My God has me covered.’ My personal experience of wearing his shirts is that this is not only a message of fearlessness & audacity, but a message of hope and connectivity to others who may be enduring something that we have no knowledge of. This simple yet powerful message gives a glimmer of light at the end of the problematic tunnels some people are walking through each day. As Ladun envisions, it does empower and remind people that no matter what, God is always guiding and protecting you.

In the next year or two, with extreme focus and dedication, Ladun plans to make the successful brand transition from Body Of God to Covered By God (photos below) and to continue competing with the likes of Fear Of God and Off- White. 


When asked “What is Your Why?” Ladun simply says, “It is to make the life of those around me better just by contact.” This is something that Mr. Thompson has not only done with his growing and powerful brand message, but for anyone who knows him, he has done this by simply being Mr. Ladun Thompson.

I am excited for the whole world to see and be positively affected by Body of God, so stay tuned!

Images provided by Google and https://www.instagram.com/iamladun/

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